Professional development is learning to earn or maintain professional credentials such as academic degrees to formal coursework, attending conferences, and informal learning opportunities situated in practice. 


There are a variety of approaches to professional development, including consultation, coaching, communities of practice, lesson study, mentoring, reflective supervision and technical assistance.

In this section I will detail my current coursework, job history, and planned projects as they relate to my growing skillsets in networking, web design, photography and computer sciences.  Scroll down for more detail, downloadable links, and my resume



Traits: Accurate Documentation

Technical Skills: MAC Filtering, IP Addressing, Router Setup, File Sharing, Active Directory, Workgroups

It's hard to see if a IT Professional is doing his job.  Ideally, you only see him if something is wrong, or you need help.  One best practice of a well versed system administrator is detailed notes.

My home network was quickly approaching 20+ devices, and my network security was at it's default values, including some critical components.  I knew my end goal was to set up my desktop to run it's own webpage, but where did I need to get there?  Working backward from that point, I listed everything that I needed to do.

  1. Set up a secure Network IP

  2. MAC address each device; to prevent rogue devices from gaining access to network fileshares

  3. Assign static IP's to network devices  that need them (Desktop server, NAS, Network camera)

  4. Set up file sharing that is permission-based and encrypted 

  5. Set up automatic backups on each device directed to the networked storage devce.

  6. Set up secure user accounts for each family member.

  7. Set up parental controls (web restrictions, acceptable software permissions, usage times/limits, .etc)

In the future I will be installing HyperV to the desktop to run Microsoft Server 2016, and host a Webserver, Mailserver, and Active Directory (allowing a unified login across all household computer).

Learning in a virtual environment is excellent for speed and efficiency, but doing this in the real world allowed for more hands-on experience as I prepare for my Network+

* IP addresses were changed to protect the names of the innocent (and my data integrity!)


Traits: Project Management, Team Leadership, Division of Tasks

Technical Skills: Hardware Selection,, Accessibility Accurate Documentation, Setting Up Online Collaboration

In my Networking class we were assigned minimal site information, a list of requirements, and a grading rubric and told to create a networking solution for a fictional company. 


I functioned as the project manager for this series of three projects, assigning tasks, reviewing work, adding components, editing and ultimately producing a full networking solution.  

Our first step was reviewing the site survey, talking about and theory-crafting critical aspects of the network in a brainstorming session.  We documented our findings, then started to pick out our hardware selection of desktops, laptops, servers, and switches based on those choices.  These notes were taking with accessibility in mind, each line item was a hyperlink to the vendor's provided device.

Actually designing the project was somewhat of an ordeal however.  After accidentally deleting each others work once or twice, we opted to set up a online document using Office 365 so we could collaborate online with each other's busy schedule without accidentally overwriting the other's work in our various purchasing spreadsheets in Excel, and our final documentation in Word.

Sometimes it's hard to see "IT's" thought process.  This project was included because it detailed exactly that; a detailed scope of work, purchase order, and reasons for those choices.


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Santa Fe College

Aug 2015-April 2020 (est.) 

B.S. in Networking Systems Technology (2020 graduation).

Colombia Study Abroad Program (2018)

Geek Squad

August 2012 - Present

Responsible for client repairs, training, sales, customer service, appointment management, and service escalations.

Apple AST Certified


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